Hillary Clinton faced more criticism from teachers during a speech at the National Education Association’s assembly Tuesday, when she provoked booing from unionized teachers by suggesting public schools and charter schools work together to improve education.

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10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Booed by Teachers over Charter School Comment

    • “Public” schools that get extra cash and cater to the “best and the brightest” students whilst kids in “regular” public schools, who aren’t considered the “best and the brightest”, get screwed because their schools get less $ and less attention than the charter schools. Charter schools are used, IMO, as tools to segregate those kids considered “worthwhile” from those less desirable to an elitist society.

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        • I’d assume so. I’m not extremely well versed in the matter other than to know poorer kids in poor neighborhoods are getting shafted in favor of the “best and brightest.” Robert, I’m sure, knows more.

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        • No, teachers get paid less and have less control over the process of educating children. Charter schools are a form of privatization which, like all such schemes, are designed to strip wealth and political power away from workers (i.e. employees).


    • Jeff is correct, and I would add that using public funds to finance the private institutions which run charter schools is essentially a mechanism to weaken democratic control over education and to weaken teacher unions.

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  1. I can not understand why she is for charter schools. However a lot of religious people wanted to start charter ( faith ) schools paid for with taxpayer money but not under the same rules and laws as regular public schools. SO they could send their kids to a church school and NOT have to PAY for it, you would, all taxpayers would. Where I was at the time they were getting away with it. They used the claim why should they have to pay for school twice. Maybe she did not want to scare off the religious vote she may get. However ALL charter schools are wrong for the reasons you all listed, they drain the money and talent and assets from the public system without having to be held to the same rules. Unfair and wrong. Hugs

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    • I can only offer you my opinion on Clinton’s motives which I’ve stated repeatedly on this blog. In my view, Hillary is a neoliberal technocrat; and, as such, is an advocate for the privatization of public institutions which is global in extent and purposely designed to strip economic power away from workers and consumers.

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