By Robert A. Vella

After a long sleepless night aggravated by hour after hour of no less than four separate fireworks displays surrounding and assaulting my humble abode (I kid you not, it felt like hunkering-down in a WWI no man’s land!), I’m slowly getting back to sharing some important news stories.  Here’s a post-holiday roundup:

A state of emergency was declared in four Florida counties because of a poisonous algae bloom that is wrecking havoc along the state’s historic Treasure Coast (Atlantic).

The model Kemper “clean” coal energy plant in Mississippi – advocated for by the Obama Administration and Republicans, and still under construction – is facing an uncertain future amid cost overruns and an SEC fraud investigation into its ownership after evidence of corruption was disclosed by a whistle-blower.

The U.K. Independence Party (UKIP) leader and champion of “Brexit,” Nigel Farage, is leaving the political stage now that his primary goal of withdrawing Britain from the European Union has been initiated.

An internal CIA report recently released details how the agency kept a German citizen imprisoned in Afghanistan even after it discovered the man wasn’t a terrorist and that its prior suspicions had targeted the wrong person.

Federal judges have blocked an anti-gay marriage law in Mississippi and an anti-abortion law in Indiana.


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