9 thoughts on “Question of the Day: For Millennials

  1. It is a good question. Maybe one reason is that democracy has dwindled under the watch of the “old.” However, the clever powerbrokers used the sneaky boiling pot method to concentrate wealth at the top. Regular people didn’t know it was happening, even as it happened. Now that the water is really hot – and both young and old need to understand the burner under the pot is corruption.

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  2. Good question Bob.
    Why don’t we vote? Elections are so rigged in this country that it almost makes no sense to vote.
    Our politics is not idea based. They parties are vehicles for getting elected. Once elected they enrich themselves.

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    • All that is true, and it’s getting worse by the day. But, it completely misses the point of the question.

      The question was asked within the context of “Brexit” (i.e. Britain voting to leave the E.U.). Old white people voted in overwhelming numbers to leave. Young people and minorities wanted the U.K. to remain in the E.U., but many of them didn’t vote. Who won? The old did, of course, because they participated in the democratic process more energetically.

      Millennials, in particular, just don’t get it. By not voting, they are willingly giving up the only political power they have. Theirs is a tragically futile gesture. The dirty game of politics maybe incredibly repulsive, but it isn’t going away. Those who participate in it at least give themselves a voice and chance to project their views; those who don’t will be largely ignored and left behind.

      However, civic disengagement by the young can produce one profoundly tangible result – the end of democracy. Politics will endure, but it will be of the authoritarian variety. When the people no longer have any say, the ruthlessness of autocracy will again prevail over human society. And, to believe in the concept of a benevolent dictator is a fool’s errand. History provides ample proof.


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