By Robert A. Vella

The Associated Press reported today that a group of white nationalists clashed with a larger group of counter protesters outside the state capitol building in Sacramento on Sunday leaving 10 people injured with stab wounds, cuts, and bruises.

A law enforcement investigation is underway, but no one was arrested at the scene.

The white nationalist group was identified as the Traditionalist Workers Party, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as:

… formed in January of this year as the political wing of the Traditionalist Youth Network (TYN), an identitarian-inspired umbrella group that aims to indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism.

17 thoughts on “White Nationalists clash with Counter Protesters in California, 10 people hurt

  1. What can I say? Sign of the times? It is inevitable that such groups must form as our political/financial world becomes more unsettled and violent. Violence begets violence, and it is also inevitable that the violence sowed abroad has to manifest back home, and in spades.


    • I agree that violent white supremacy has exacerbated in recent years, but it has always been a strident part of American culture.

      It was white supremacy which ethnically cleansed indigenous peoples during the colonial period, not a motivation to “civilize” them. It was white supremacy that enslaved millions of Africans and their descendents, not economics. It was white supremacy which forced the Three-Fifths Compromise in the U.S. Constitution, not concerns about over-democratization. It was white supremacy that impelled the South to secede from the Union, not “states rights.” It was white supremacy which created Jim Crow laws and terrorized blacks after Reconstruction, not the desire for educated voters and social order. It was white supremacy that motivated the German American Bund to hold a huge pro-Nazi rally at NYC’s Madison Square Garden in 1939, not patriotism. It was white supremacy which triggered the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII, not worries about them helping the enemy. It was white supremacy that attacked peaceful civil rights protesters in the 1960s, not anything more. It was white supremacy which spurred a wave of voter suppression laws after 2010, not a need to solve the non-existent problem of voter fraud.

      Racial animus is the most primitive, insidious impulse plaguing our humanity. If white people in America really want to stop it, they must hold their own accountable. To date, insufficient numbers have been willing to do so.


  2. You can tell a lot about a politician by the types of people vocally supporting them. Trumps skinheads and other neo-fascists/racists seem nasty enough, but some of the Republican/all Street types joining the Clinton camp don’t exactly inspire confidence in her devotion to the plight of the common folks like us. She is, after all, a card carrying member of the 1%.

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