A U.S. Senate investigation into pay-TV industry billing practices found that Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications — which completed their $67 billion merger in May — have regularly overbilled customers for equipment and made no effort to proactively provide refunds for the errors.

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2 thoughts on “Time Warner Cable, Charter Routinely Overcharged Customers, Senate Report Finds

  1. Due to my education in computers and systems I have a following here where I live, even though I am not able to do the work I so enjoy. I have long advised people not to take any companies equipment if the person can buy such equipment anywhere else out right. Most people have been buy equipment or better than any the companies charge 10 dollars a month for, at a low rate of about 50 dollars, meaning that in five months their purchase pays for itself and they start making the money back. Ron and I have cable internet and we have not paid them for the company’s equipment from almost the start, and even though they keep trying every now and again to get us to use their equipment by sending it to us unasked, but we simply either take it back to the local office or send the stuff back in the same box. It has saved us a fortune. It also lets us in on several specials as in the company’s computers they always want to entice us to something that might make us take their equipment. Thanks for the information. Hugs

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