By Robert A. Vella

I never saw an American yet that didn’t understand a good slap in the mouth or a slug from a .45.

Reactions to yesterday’s abysmal political inaction on gun control in the U.S. Senate express outrage and condemnation over Republican intransigence.  But, let’s not kid ourselves.  This problem runs very, very deep, and those now exhibiting indignation knew exactly what would happen.  More on that later.  Here’s a recap:

“What we saw last night in the United States Senate is a shameful display of cowardice.” – White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest

“Enough.  It’s time to demand more than thoughts and prayers from our elected officials.” – presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

“I’m mortified by today’s vote, but I’m not surprised by it.  We learned in the months of Sandy Hook that the [National Rifle Association] has a vice-like grip on this place.” – Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.)

“The NRA won again.” – Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.)

Someone said once that, “you can’t fight stupid.”  But in this case I think it’s more accurate to say that, “they won’t fight crazy.”  How many times have you heard establishment politicians such as those quoted above politely dismiss their intransigent opposition in this way?

People of good faith can disagree.

Bullshit.  People opposing common sense gun control measures are not acting in good faith.  From SlateDisagree in Good Faith?:

When we use the words in good faith to describe a difference of opinion, we do so to suggest that the belief of either party is sincerely held rather than the reflex of abiding malice.

Check out Mr. Greg Evers, a Republican candidate running for Congress in Florida.  In the aftermath of the Orlando mass shooting, he has brazenly launched a contest to give away an assault weapon on the 4th of July holiday.  That’s not good faith, that’s political opportunism born out of malice.

I think it’s time for some brutal honesty, don’t you?


35 thoughts on “Reactions express outrage to Political Inaction on Gun Control, and some brutally honest commentary

  1. The world is plunging into anarchy and a huge political vacuum caused by unaccountability and disinterest. What this is telling the rank and file numb nuts is, it’s time to take personal, individual, responsibility for everything. The old hierarchical powers can’t work with current population density combined with out-of-control technology. We’re simply at the end of a long and horrible period of human civilization built on super bad collective choices. This isn’t something for any Mr. Fix-it, this is something that is getting a great big “X” for condemnation on its facade and slated for demolition. “The End” was all she wrote.

  2. Oh, and about guns, guns (though designed for the specific task of killing) still don’t kill people: people kill people. Don’t ban guns, ban the military. Ban fear, and hate. Ban injustice and poverty. Ban inequality and inequity. But of course the only one who can do that is “me” – there is no one else.

    Two reasons I gave myself for never owning a gun: one: given the provocation, I would use it. Two: whatever the provocation I could never use it.

    • >>> “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

      And, insane people armed to the teeth with assault weapons and high-capacity semi-automatic firearms kill a great many people.

      • Then there’s me. I’m insane, and I’m armed with several small nuclear missiles. I’m VERY dangerous, so when Obama comes to my house to take away my nukes and piss all over the second amendment, I’ll show him who’s boss! I’ll nuke that bastard back to the stone age!

      • True. BTW, do you know of any toothpaste that helps stop your teeth from glowing in the dark? I don’t know, maybe I should stop kissing my nukes goodnight every night before I go to bed.

      • I dunno. Nukes can be touchy. You don’t want them to start feeling unloved and neglected, they might get irritated and start some action. That could lead to you being inducted as a member of NATO. Consequences…

      • Yes, and that’s the problem. Those sickos. Of course guns should be banned in such a kindergarten of bigotry, ignorance, jealousy, misogyny and etc, etc, as is America … But it’s not “THE” answer. A stop gap at best. Yes, countries with high gun control have way, way, less murders by guns (or any other weapon) but the violence is still there. If you want a gun and want to learn how to use it most effectively, you join the army – or there’s the draft and you have no choice. The problem is human nature first of all, and manipulation if that defective nature by the elitist apparatus for its own ends. The sociopaths elites get off on watching us killing each other and additionally they make incredible profits from providing the means and propaganda that leads to massacres. That’s how I read it.

  3. I’m saddened by this. So, in a desperate need to demand change, I’m holding a prayer service and a candlelight vigil at 8PM tonight, CST. When’s the last time praying and candlelight vigils haven’t helped a problem, eh?

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