By Robert A. Vella

In a completely unsurprising move except for the rapidity with which it was taken (there’s an election campaign underway, you understand), the U.S. Senate rejected gun control bills today which were proposed in the wake of the Orlando mass shooting.  The measures would have expanded background checks on firearms purchases, and either banned or delayed such purchases by individuals on federal government terrorist watch lists.  These two general forms of gun control enjoy broad public support, and have reached 90% according to a new opinion poll.

As explained recently on this blog, the terrible problems of gun violence in America as well as its political inability to solve it are quite complex and stem from the same fundamental causes (see:  America’s sick Gun Culture is ultimately responsible for the Orlando Shootings and U.S. Congress again considers Gun Control, but will this time be any different?).

Also today (in more positive news), the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a challenge to state-enacted bans on assault weapons, delivering a significant defeat to the National Rifle Association and gun rights supporters.

8 thoughts on “No Surprise, U.S. Senate rejects Gun Control bills despite broad public support for such measures

  1. AWESOME!!!! I’m gonna buy me more AR-15’s to kill the skeeters dat bother me dis summer!! Amen, and praise be Jesus!!! Bang! Bang! Bang! Fuckin’ guns are AWESOME!! They make my really tiny willy hard!

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  2. When people say the NRA has a hold on Congress, I always assumed they meant with money… but maybe our elected representatives are afraid of being shot… that must really be stressful work. But I have an idea. Take two good high school teachers, and their respective classes, send them to Congress for a day and let them hammer out a gun control bill. Job done. Nobody gets hurt.

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