“I remember when I was a young boy and John Lennon was murdered. I asked my mother how it happened and I still remember what she said all these decades later. That in America lots of people have guns. There are some bad people there and if they have guns then sometimes they shoot people. I asked why would people allowed to have guns, if they didn’t have guns then no-one would get hurt? My mother couldn’t adequately answer the question then just as I can’t believe that the situation has only deteriorated now.”

The Secular Jurist recommends this heartfelt editorial as MUST READ. Also, as an American who supports gun control, I’d like to address our friends overseas who see this terrible problem more simply and perhaps more clearly than we, but who might believe it should be easy to correct.

The ubiquitous ownership and availability of firearms in the U.S. is undoubtedly a huge problem; however, it is one of many huge problems now contributing to escalating incidents of gun violence and mass murder. America today is a very troubled nation. It is so deeply polarized along numerous cultural and societal lines that even the painful internal divisions of our Civil War might pale in comparison. As a consequence, our political system simply cannot function with respect to legislatively solving divisive domestic issues like gun violence. Complicating our political dysfunctions are a detached and delusional establishment preoccupied with maintaining America’s geopolitical hegemony, in addition to extremely well-financed special interests intent (perversely, IMO) upon dismantling the U.S. federal government (which could implement effective gun control measures if it worked properly).

More concisely, America is a country tearing itself apart from within; and, guns are the weapon of choice because they are everywhere.

Stephen Liddell

It’s not often that I write anything that even vaguely touches on an opinion piece but following the news of the latest in the endless stream of mass-shootings, let alone individual shootings then I thought now would be as good a time as any.

I feel so strongly about this and it isn’t even my country. Mass shootings will always occur so long as so many people have guns. To be honest, though I feel terribly sorry for the victims, I’m getting tired of hearing about the less than 1% of cases we do hear about in the U.K. It’s just not news when a country time and again has the opportunity to change the law and willfully decides not to and so accepts a casualty rate amongst innocent people.

I remember when I was a young boy and John Lennon was murdered. I asked my mother how it happened…

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  1. I am concerned about U. S. sales of guns abroad. It is part of the revenue support for our war machine. Let’s ban guns worldwide starting with international sales. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek question: If Americans couldn’t buy guns legally, would we have to declare a war on guns?

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