Australia’s natural wonder is in mortal danger. Bleaching caused by climate change has killed almost a quarter of its coral this year and many scientists believe it could be too late for the rest. Using exclusive photographs and new data, a Guardian special report investigates how the reef has been devastated – and what can be done to save it

by Michael Slezak

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  This report from The Guardian is incredibly detailed and comprehensive which includes diverse perspectives from all parties concerned.  It is quite lengthy, but highly recommended.

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  1. Thanks for all your reports Robert. Over the past few weeks we’ve published and promoted a crescendo of stories on this great catastrophe; what comes next week? Will it be nuclear waste destroying the Pacific Ocean ecosystems, waves of heat-incubated bark beetles getting what the droughts miss, total bird decline from toxic food and exploding parasite populations, or some other cataclysm? Whatever it is, we will have to keep trying to respond with information, petitions, letters, and talks with politicians. Thanks again. Garry.

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