By Robert A. Vella

Sorry, dear readers, for presenting this sad mess of political news stories as you head into a hopefully pleasant weekend;  but, it’s my job.

The Mouth That Roared (Donald Trump) accused the federal judge (Gonzalo Curiel), who is overseeing a fraud lawsuit against his now defunct Trump University, of judicial bias because the man happens to be a Latino.  Since The Mouth’s presidential campaign is unabashedly anti-Mexican, anti-Hispanic, and anti-immigrant, this presents an “inherent conflict of interest” for the judge in Trump’s view.  I presume Trump wants the judge to immediately recuse himself from the case.  How convenient!

In new developments indicating that the GOP establishment has bit-the-bullet on The Mouth’s insurgent candidacy, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has finally endorsed him and Bush strategist Karl Rove met with Mr. Trump at the home of mutual friend and casino magnate Steve Wynn.

A scuffle broke out after a Trump rally in San Jose.

At a campaign event in Modesto, Bernie Sanders once again criticized Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton on her energy positions (see here and here) in the wake of an environmental impact study recently released by the Obama Administration which would open the door to more fracking operations off the California coast.

And finally, this from The Washington PostSanders: DNC vetoed union leader pick for platform committee:

SPRECKELS, Calif. — When the Democratic National Committee announced that Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont would get to pick five of the 15 people who’ll write the party platform, it was seen as a small coup. But at a news conference today, Sanders revealed that the DNC had actually vetoed his nomination of a key labor ally, and said he was told not to pick anyone else from the labor movement.

“What we heard from the DNC was that they did not want representatives of labor unions on the platform-drafting committee,” he said. “That’s correct.”

Yesterday, Wall Street Journal reporter Peter Nicholas was the first to report that Sanders had included RoseAnn DeMoro,  executive director of National Nurses United, on his list of preferred platform committee members. “He told me that he really wanted me on the committee to advocate for Medicare for All, especially,” DeMoro told The Washington Post today.

According to Sanders and DeMoro, the DNC nixed her, resulting in a Sanders delegation of four men, one woman (Native American activist Deborah Parker), and no one from organized labor.

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  1. Donald Trump’s casinos have filed bankruptcy; his “university” is defunct & the subject of a FEDERAL lawsuit; something about him incites physical violence…and yet he’s s candidate for president. 🙈

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