By Robert A. Vella

Frustrated by the Republican National Committee’s wholesale surrender to the candidacy of Donald Trump this week, and angered by his nationalist anti-free trade rhetoric, the rich and powerful GOP donor class has come up with a desperate last-ditch scheme to circumvent the 2016 presidential election and get one of their own hand-picked political puppets into the White House.

Their scheme is quite simple yet clever.  First, they would select a preferred candidate – such as Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse – to run on a third-party ticket.  Second, they would work very fast and hard to get their candidate on the November ballot in key states with the aim of stripping as many votes as possible from both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton so that neither would reach the 270 electoral vote threshold necessary to win the presidency.  Third, with an inconclusive election result achieved, the process of selecting the next U.S. president would fall to the U.S. House of Representatives which is both controlled by a Republican majority and run by another of the GOP donor class’ political puppets – Speaker Paul Ryan.

There’s only one problem with their scheme, and it’s a big one.  Time is running out.  Prerequisites for getting a third party candidate on the ballot vary greatly from state to state, and individual deadlines are coming up soon.  Texas, which requires signatures from over 79,000 voters, has a submission deadline in just three days.

“If you can do one, you can do the other because fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy and needs feeding.” – the character of defense lawyer Henry Drummond (based on real-life lawyer Clarence Darrow, played by legendary actor Spencer Tracy) in the classic award-winning 1960 film Inherit the Wind.

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8 thoughts on “GOP Donor Class considers Third-Party scheme to circumvent the 2016 Presidential Election

    • I’m not assuming anything on how this election will unfold. It’s too unpredictable. Because the usual Democrat vs Republican and Left vs Right dynamics have been largely supplanted by an Establishment vs Populist dichotomy, and because voter intentions and turnout are so unknown, any result must be seen as at least possible.

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      • It’ll be a fun ride. It’s nice watching the GOP implode. That sort of unhinged crazy has to be exorcised from your bodypolitic.

        I just saw an evangelical pleading for a Federalist party to emerge. That could be healthy; splitting the conservative vote and opening the door to some genuine liberal (Sandersesque) policies.

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        • Such a political exorcism is sorely needed.

          That evangelical plea demands some scrutiny and/or semantic qualification. Evangelicals generally oppose federalist government organization because of the U.S. Constitution’s secular foundation (i.e. the Establishment Clause) and its subordination of state law under federal law (i.e. the Supremacy Clause). However, some on the conservative right euphemistically use the term “federalist” when they actually are advocating an empowerment of state law over federal law (a.k.a. states rights) as in a confederacy.

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