Colorado’s Supreme Court on Monday struck down local government prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, handing oil and gas companies a victory in a lengthy battle over energy production in the environmentally conscious state.

In separate rulings, the court said a moratorium in Fort Collins and a ban in Longmont were invalid because state law pre-empted them. A lower court had reached the same conclusion earlier.

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2 thoughts on “Colorado Court Strikes Down Local Bans on Fracking

    • A similar thing, yes. From the NYT article:

      Colorado is one of several states where the oil and gas industry has faced citizen-led efforts to ban fracking. New York has banned fracking statewide, and Pennsylvania has granted local government authority over hydraulic fracturing. The Texas Legislature responded last year to one city’s ban on fracking with a law that pre-empts local control over a broad range of drilling activities.

      Gov. Jerry Brown of California came out against a fracking ban last year, but advocacy groups are waging a statewide campaign to place a ban on the ballot.

      “It’s 2 to 2, and California’s still in play,” said Bruce Baizel, the energy program director for Earthworks, an environmental advocacy group that focuses on mining and energy exploration.

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