The blatant militarism and historical revisionism expressed in the Huffington Post blog, and brilliantly exposed in this fine editorial, highlight the escalating geopolitical danger of social turmoil in the Middle East.

United States Hypocrisy

A blog post appearing on the nominally progressive Huffington Post on April 12 called on the world’s followers of the Christian and Jewish faiths to unite against what the piece claims is a common enemy: Islam. The writers of the post are listed as Pastor Carlos Ortiz of Hispanics United for Israel and Adam Milstein of the Israeli-American Council. The two made their case by parroting a seemingly endless array of right wing talking points, falsehoods and false equivalencies that are usually a staple of arch-conservative magazines and newspapers like the National Review or Weekly Standard.

The two begin their piece by lamenting the mass forced exodus of tens-of-thousands of Iraqi Christians recently from their ancient home of Mosul after it became apparent that the city was going to fall to ISIS. While it’s truly impossible to overstate the tragedy of the situation (which certainly does amount to ethnic and religious…

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