Conservatives in Hollywood fret about the entertainment industry’s liberal tilt so many closet their beliefs, but the perceived need to tiptoe around Tinseltown’s Democratic legions has the virtue of binding their little tribe together, yielding an underground community spirit.


The camaraderie, however, is cracking. Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign for the Republican presidential nomination has sent a fault line snaking through Los Angeles, shaking solidarity among Hollywood’s conservatives.

“It’s a civil war in slow motion,” said Lionel Chetwynd, a producer and screenwriter and co-founder of FOA. “It’s too volatile. I’ve never known an election to be so personal. People don’t really sit around any more and talk about their preferences because it’s a time of inflamed passions. Now I don’t talk much to my Republican friends.”

Instead of unity against a common liberal foe, many rightwing actors, writers, producers and directors are exchanging insults, branding each other Nazis, nuts and cucks, the latter derived from cuckold, and used to demean fathers with adopted children of colour.

Continue reading:  ‘It’s a civil war in slow-mo’: how Trump’s rise is cracking Hollywood conservatives

Update:  Secretive group of Hollywood conservatives suddenly dissolves – The announcement by the Friends of Abe fueled speculation that infighting over Donald Trump’s candidacy had drained commitment


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