By Robert Borosage

There’s no place like home. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big last night in their home state of New York. Trump won 60.5 percent of the vote and 88 delegates, with John Kasich a distant second and New Yorkers giving Ted Cruz a good taste of their values – and a goose egg in delegates. Clinton beat Sanders 57.9 percent to 42.1 percent, adding a net of about 72 delegates to her total.

Sanders came into New York on a roll, having won seven straight primaries. He had moved into a tie with her among Democrats nationally. But New York was set up for Clinton. She’s run and won statewide twice as U.S. senator. She beat Obama there handily in 2008. She had the endorsement of the entire Democratic Party apparatus from the governor on down.

The New York primary is closed, so only registered Democrats could vote. Worse, the deadline for registering was weeks before the primary and, for switching party ID, last October, before most New Yorkers even knew when the primary was. That insured that the many independents, young and third-party members of the Working Families Party couldn’t vote for Sanders. Sanders won nearly 72 percent voters who described themselves as independent last night, but they constituted only 14 percent of the electorate, according to NBC exit polls.

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