The United States continues to give overwhelming support to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he continues his expansion of authoritarian power, the dismantling of secular government in favor of Islamic rule, and the destruction of free speech and the free press in the country. Now Erdogan’s insatiable appetite for censorship and sanctions of critics has extended to outside of Turkey where he is demanding that critics be silenced. Not only has his thuggish security details been criticized for roughing up protesters in Europe and the United States, but Turkey is demanding action from governments against his critics.

Source: After Destroying Free Speech and The Free Press In Turkey, Erdogan Moves To Punish Those Who Criticize Him Abroad


6 thoughts on “After Destroying Free Speech and Free Press In Turkey, Erdogan Moves To Silence Critics Abroad

    • In this particular case, Erdogan isn’t getting his way. From the article:

      Erdogan’s ire was recently directed against a satirical music video on German television, which the Turkish government demanded should be “removed from the air.” It appears that the Turkish government has lost any notion of free speech and was mystified how anyone could be allowed to air a critical piece against Erdogan . . . even on German television.

      Not surprisingly, the German government rejected the demand.


        • Uh, oh! Although Erdogan didn’t get his way on the music video, he might be getting his way against a German comic who wrote a crude poem about him. Today, the German government granted a request from Erdogan that could possibly result in the criminal prosecution of Jan Boehmermann. Apparently, this comedian’s poem violated a 1953 law based on a 19th century prohibition against insulting domestic or foreign monarchs. What were we saying the other day? “It’s good to be king!”


        • I wanted to tell you about it. Read that earlier. Let’s see how it goes. As far as I can tell, the comic I hear admits he is breaking the law before he reads his poem.
          Yes, I want to be king

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