The prime minister of Iceland resigned Tuesday as the weekend exposé of off-shore tax matters found in the so-called “Panama Papers” claimed its first major casualty.


Meanwhile, like The Guardian and Süddeutsche Zeitung—which was the German paper an anonymous source leaked the documents to more than a year agothe U.S.-based McClatchy Company has published several articles on the Panama Papers, with more certain to come. One of those stories notes that more than 200 passports of Americans are included in the massive leak.

When The Guardian and Süddeutsche Zeitung published their array of stories over the weekend, no Americans were included, something that spurred considerable speculation, including allegations of cover-ups by the media involved in the exposé. Although 107 media operations are involved in the project that is bringing what’s in the Panama Papers to light, McClatchy is the only U.S. newspaper company among them. [emphasis by The Secular Jurist]

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