More than 80 [businesses] are expressing their frustration with North Carolina’s so-called “anti-LGBT” law and have submitted a letter to the state’s governor demanding that the controversial law be repealed.  [clarification by The Secular Jurist]


The law bans people from using bathrooms that don’t match the sex indicated on their birth certificate.


On Tuesday, city leaders in Atlanta asked the NBA to consider moving the 2017 All-Star Game to their city from Charlotte because of the new law.

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Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  Whew, religious fanatics in the South sure have been busy these last few days!  If you are transgender, transsexual, bisexual, lesbian, gay, or simply sexually ambiguous or nondescript, you might just be strip-searched on your way to the restroom anywhere in North Carolina!  Oh, and you better have your birth certificate with you at all times!  My goodness gracious, America’s Christians are going insane!

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  1. “My goodness gracious, America’s Christians are going insane!” Going? They arrived at their destination along time ago. This is great news, though. Repuke-licans are making themselves look awful, and now this. I luvz it!

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