By Robert A. Vella

James Zogby is the founder/president of the Arab American Institute, managing director of Zogby Research Services, LLC, and executive committee member of the Democratic National Committee.  He is a scholar and lecturer on Middle East affairs, and was appointed to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom by President Obama.

In the following three-minute video, Zogby explains the crisis in Syria as well as how three U.S. presidential candidates (Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders) would address it.  Here’s a remarkable quote from the video which reflects my recent characterization of these candidates as a vulture, a hawk, and a dove, respectively:

“Hillary Clinton has offered, I think the most dangerous proposal.”

Watch the video from the Campaign for America’s FutureBurning Issues: Understanding the Crisis in Syria

Jim Zogby, the president of the Arab American Institute, explains the “conflict within a conflict within a conflict” in Syria in this segment of the Burning Issues series.

Zogby, who also does public opinion polling in the Middle East, says that the only way to resolve the interlocking crises involving Syria is through a negotiated settlement. He explains why he believes that Hillary Clinton, of all of the presidential candidates in either party, has “the most dangerous position” on resolving the Syrian crisis, and that Bernie Sanders’ approach is more prudent.

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