By Robert A. Vella

Bernie Sanders, the progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton’s bid to win the Democratic Party nomination for president, won all three primary contests held on Saturday, March 26th.  His margin of victory in the Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii caucuses was on average more than 2 to 1.

Although these victories cut into Clinton’s delegate lead, Sanders still faces an uphill battle to defeat the Democratic Party establishment’s handpicked and preordained candidate.  However, yesterday’s results will surely quiet calls from party insiders – at least for the time being – urging Sanders to drop out of the race.

Further reading:  Three for three: Sanders wins Hawaii, Washington, Alaska


9 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders wins all three states in yesterday’s primaries

  1. This is great news!!! Hopefully Bernie Sanders is elected, in my opinion he is the best person for president not only for your country but for the entire world.

    The thought of Donald Trump in the White House is worrying to say the least. I hope voters do the right thing.

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