By Robert A. Vella

The Democratic Party and Republican Party presidential front-runners rolled on to more victories yesterday in primary elections held in Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, and North Carolina.  Hillary Clinton, the centrist Democratic establishment candidate, and Donald Trump, the nationalist Republican populist candidate, won or are leading in all these states except for Ohio where incumbent governor John Kasich emerged victorious.  With the suspension of Marco Rubio’s campaign, triggered by a defeat in his home state of Florida, Kasich is now the GOP establishment’s last remaining candidate still running.  If he continues to perform badly outside of Ohio, the GOP hopes for defeating Trump would default to the ultra-conservative ideologue Ted Cruz who – like progressive candidate Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side – is trailing the front-runner by almost 2-1.

The Sanders campaign is looking forward to the next set of primary states in the west (Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Colorado) which should be more favorable to the Vermont senator’s progressive message.

With the likelihood of a brokered convention looming, the irascible Trump is now saying that his fervent supporters will “riot” if he is denied the Republican Party nomination (see:  Donald Trump Warns There Could Be Riots If He Isn’t GOP Nominee).


9 thoughts on “Presidential front-runners roll on, Trump says there will be ‘riots’ if he’s denied the GOP nomination

  1. From an outsiders perspective Don T is a superb player of the crowd.
    I am awed by the sheer audacity of the man.

    He does practically everything but admit ”I am really a fraud, a clown having fun and taking this ride as far as I can”, yet the more he behaves like a ”Dick” people seem to love him more so.

    I am struck with morbid fascination wonder just what the US of Eh? will be like woth trump in the White House.

    Simply mind-blowing.

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  2. This is more like a WWE event than a presidential campaign. Truly insane. I’m pretty certain the repukelicans will have a brokered convention, and, Herr tRump will not get the nomination, though I’ve no doubt he’ll run as an independent then. Violence, bloodshed, and insanity will certainly follow, too-these are now the trademarks of the GOP. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

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  3. Saying there would probably be riots under those circumstances is probably one of his saner statements of late. Putting the thought out there isn’t particularly brilliant, however.


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