A top health official with the National Football League has finally acknowledged a link exists between football-related head trauma and degenerative brain diseases like chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

This is the first time such a high-ranking league official has acknowledged the link.

Jeff Miller, the NFL’s executive vice president of health and safety policy, made the admission during a Monday roundtable discussion on concussions held by the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Energy & Commerce.

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6 thoughts on “NFL Finally Admits There’s A Link Between Football Injuries And CTE

      • I’ve watched this closely ever since ex-Bear Dave Duerson killed himself a few years back. Eric Kramer, another ex-Bear, tried to commit suicide, and Jim McMahon flirted with the idea too. Very serious problem, and I LOVE football, so, in a way, maybe I’m part of that problem.


        • If you’re part of the problem, then so am I. We became football fans a long time ago when single-bar helmets were common, players were called “pussies” for suffering injuries, and Dick Butkus was terrorizing opposing centers with all manner of dirty deeds (the best middle linebacker in NFL history, IMO).

          What’s important is how we move forward. I became extremely concerned many years ago when the concussion issue was brought to the public’s attention. I’ve posted many reports on this blog about the problem, and have voiced other concerns about the NFL as well. I know you’ve expressed similar concerns too. This public pressure is forcing the league to respond, and that’s a good thing. While I’m sure that player safety will improve as a result, I’m not sure if violent-contact football will survive in the coming decades. All things must end eventually.


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