Spurred by Donald J. Trump’s mounting victories, a small but influential — and growing — group of conservative leaders are calling for a third-party option to spare voters a wrenching general election choice between a Republican they consider completely unacceptable and Hillary Clinton.

While he has gained intense popularity on the right, Mr. Trump has alienated key blocs in the Republican coalition with his slash-and-burn campaign. For many, his initial refusal last weekend to disavow an endorsement from David Duke, the white supremacist, was a breaking point.

Two top Republicans, Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, said this week that they would not vote for Mr. Trump in November.

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15 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Republicans Call for a Third-Party Option

  1. Thing is, though, the Republicans created Trump. If your policies are based on bigotry, hate, and fascist annihilation of your enemies, this is what you get. They’ve created a beast they can’t control, an unpredictable one who’s just as liable to vote against their wishes as to vote for them.


  2. I bet you Mitt Romney winds up running and there’s a vote at the Republican convention to get him as their candidate. Doubt he’d win the Presidency, but the Republicans have to do something to get rid of Trump. I’ve never seen a political party so strongly against its own candidate for the Presidency.


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