By Robert A. Vella

Texas’ new law allowing people aged 21 and over to carry concealed handguns on college campuses hasn’t even gone into effect yet but the backlash has already started.  Educators and students alike are beginning to question Texas as a desired state to pursue their professional careers, with a high-profile resignation at the University of Texas sparking fears of lost intellectual/academic freedom and a ‘brain drain’ from institutions of higher learning.

However, this backlash which could do irreparable harm to education in Texas is not universal.  The law allowed private universities to opt-out of the concealed carry mandate, which they all did by the way, while no such option was given to public universities.  Therefore, a potential backlash might only affect public education in Texas.

Considering that this new law was crafted and implemented almost exclusively by conservative Republicans, who openly despise the concept of public education, questions regarding their motivations would seem prudent.

I’m wondering, if public universities in Texas are eventually undermined as a consequence of the concealed carry mandate, would it happen because of Republican incompetence or deliberate subterfuge?

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