By Robert A. Vella

Clinton vs Trump - 2016 Election

Yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries and caucuses have winnowed the 2016 presidential election down to two opposing candidates.  With her near sweep of the southern states – primarily due to overwhelming support from black voters – the corporatist, status quo, establishment candidate Hillary Clinton is now destined to win the Democratic Party nomination.  Her progressive rival, Bernie Sanders, did win four of the contests and he has sufficient resources to stay in the race;  but, promoting progressive ideals is the only practical reason remaining for him to continue the campaign.

On the Republican side, the nationalist firebrand Donald Trump emerged as victorious as Clinton.  He won all but four of the contests (Ted Cruz won three, and Marco Rubio won one).  While the radical right-wing ideologue Cruz could stay in the race, the GOP establishment hopefuls Rubio and John Kasich have little hope left outside a brokered convention this summer.

So America, this is what your election is coming down to.  Barring a major Clinton scandal and/or GOP shenanigans to keep Trump from getting the nomination, it looks like it’ll be a Democratic candidate – who won’t fix the nation’s structural problems – versus a Republican candidate – who’ll cause additional serious problems – facing off against each other in the fall.

Good grief, it’s like King Kong versus Godzilla!

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