“Full Frontal” host Samantha Bee returned last night to discuss the phenomenon wherein “presidential elections are like children — they’re all the most important” according to the candidates running in them.

“The most important election of your lifetime wasn’t 2008. It was two whole years later, and you didn’t vote in it, and you got your ass kicked,” Bee explained, referring to the 2010 midterm election that saw an unprecedentedly high conservative (and low youth, minority) voter turnout.

“2010 swept 87 Republican freshmen into the Capitol, including a host of ill-qualified and temperamentally unfit newbies,” Bee continued. Among these newbies’ accomplishments:

Continue reading and watch the video segment:  Samantha Bee lets smug liberals have it — and she’s right: “If you didn’t vote in 2010, you built” Trump and Tea Party

Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  Samantha Bee is fast becoming the new Jon Stewart, a talented and witty comedic satirist whose clever routines illuminate the egregious failings of American society.  In this segment, Bee exquisitely and correctly links low voter turnout trends – particularly among Millennials – to the rise of right-wing extremist laws enacted since 2010 such as those designed to close abortion clinics and effect other restrictions on women’s reproductive rights, suppress the popular vote especially against minorities and college students, as well as a whole host of other conservative measures which adversely affect the daily lives of millions of Americans and their children.  So far, reasoned appeals to Millennials to become more politically involved (for their own sake) have fallen on deaf ears.  Perhaps Bee’s highly entertaining approach will do better.


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