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When it comes to party alliance, I’ve always been an Independent. I never put the Democratic Party on a pedestal. It’s only recently that I registered as a Democrat, so I could vote for Bernie Sanders in the Florida Democratic Primary.

Yet, as emotionally detached as I am from the Democratic Party, I find myself feeling a deep disappointment. Apparently, unconsciously, I entertained a naive expectation regarding the Democratic Party’s attitude and standard of behavior. I thought it might be honorable and, well, democratic.

That misguided belief is corrected. Now I think of the DNC as more like… royal.

Too Few Debates, Less-Viewed Debates

We all know how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) scheduled only six presidential debates and placed them in low-viewer time slots. Many suggested this was intended to give presidential candidate Hillary Clinton an edge over her competition. I must admit, it did look royally bad.

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