Four states — Alaska, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming — are in a recession, and three others are at risk of prolonged declines, according to indexes of state economic performance tracked by Moody’s Analytics.

The regions suffering the most are in the flop stage of the energy industry’s boom-to-bust cycle, and manufacturing-dependent areas hurt by a rising dollar are at risk of receding. Whether the weak links break the entire U.S. economy will hinge largely on a group that’s benefited from the energy price collapse: American consumers.

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2 thoughts on “The U.S. States Where Recession Is Already a Reality

  1. Robert:
    As painfull as this is for states that ride the fossil fuel economy the future seems destined to be as volatile. We need to direct some of the lower price windfall (a gas-tax or carbon price) back to struggling communities to assist. Somehow,
    These people helped give us cheaper gas, Now Americans can help them with an economic transition away from risk-prone and climate wrecking energy extraction.


    • That’s an excellent idea which we might be implementing now if our political system worked correctly.

      I’m concerned that low oil prices are slowing our necessary transition to clean energy, and that they reflect slowing consumer demand worldwide.

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