By Robert A. Vella

Dear readers, which debate moderator posed the following question to which party’s presidential candidates regarding the plight of white people in America?

“When we talk about race in this country, we always talk about African Americans, people of color. I want to talk about white people, okay.

White people. I know.

Many people will be surprised to find out that we are sitting in one of the most racially polarized metropolitan areas in the country. By the middle of this century the nation is going to be majority nonwhite. Our public schools are already there. If working class white Americans are about to be outnumbered, are already underemployed in many cases, and one study found they are dying sooner, don’t they have a reason to be resentful… ?”

I’m sure most of you who didn’t watch this particular debate would guess that the moderator was Fox News and that the candidates were Republican.  I certainly would have guessed so had I not watched this debate.  Such a guess would seem likely to be true considering the xenophobic state of Fox News and the Republican Party these days.

But, that guess would be incorrect.  The debate moderator was PBS, and the candidates were Democrats.

Now, it is quite true that working class whites are having a very tough time in America today.  But, if whites are struggling so terribly, isn’t it even more difficult for blacks, Latinos, and other ethnic minorities?  I’m wondering what motivated this curious question.  Do white people have a legitimate right to maintain their demographic majority?  Does the economic prosperity of white people depend upon the economic destitution of non-whites?  What exactly was the debate moderator, Gwen Ifill, inferring?

Let me enlighten you.  Such memes are used by the socioeconomic establishment to shift public attention away from very real class war issues to more divisive cultural issues such as race and religion.  America’s ruling establishment is freaking out right now because populist insurgent candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have garnered so much support.  It appears that PBS, once a principled tower of news journalism, has allied itself with that self-serving establishment.  So much for unbiased journalism, eh?

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8 thoughts on “Which Presidential Debate Moderator asked this question on the Plight of White People?

  1. “If whites are struggling so terribly, isn’t it even more difficult for blacks, Latinos, and other ethnic minorities?” Exactly! As you say, shifting attention away from the class war.


      • I’m well, thanks, Robert! Just got the latest Toshiba Chromebook, so will be blogging more. Started a self-hosted WP site at http://www.awareandfair.com, which is filling out.

        Tried to reblog (share) your “whites are struggling” post, but WordPress.com has changed recently! Looked like it would only take the title, without an excerpt.

        And no like or share buttons at bottom of posts, just in the Reader? What’s going on? Hope WP returns those tools.


        • Cool site! – bookmarked

          WP has made many changes over the past year or so which haven’t been well received. As a former computer programmer, I can say with a great deal of expertise that their software testing and debugging procedures are woefully inadequate. Thanks anyway for the reblog attempt. 🙂

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