By Robert A. Vella

Americans who are fed-up with the socioeconomic status quo should not make too much out of the New Hampshire primary results because the electorate in that state is hardly representative of the rest of nation.  However, the stunning results do reinforce the central theme of the 2016 presidential campaign – that it is a contest between the upstart forces of populism and the moneyed interests of an entrenched establishment.

Progressive, democratic socialist candidate Bernie Sanders routed the Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton 60-39%.  The margin of victory surprised everyone including his enthusiastic supporters.  On the Republican side, nationalist firebrand Donald Trump overwhelmed his closest rival by more than 2-1 and dealt a stinging blow to GOP hopes of derailing his candidacy.

There’s a long way to go yet, and both Sanders and Trump will face great opposition in the weeks and months ahead.  But, the anti-status quo sentiment in America isn’t going away anytime soon.  Stay tuned.

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3 thoughts on “Populist Candidates rout Establishment Opposition in New Hampshire Primary

    • I read a poll released last week that showed Sanders beating Trump by a slightly larger margin than would Clinton. However, the 2016 election seems beyond my usual ability to prognosticate. There are just too many unknown variables: how many voters will turnout, which voters will turnout, how will the party establishments participate if their chosen candidates don’t win the nomination, how will the corporate media narrate the campaign, etc. Like most political observers these days, I’m kinda clueless about what will happen.


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