The Contrary Perspective


b. traven

In 1959, retired Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning biography of navel commander, John Paul Jones.  Jones was probably the most provocative, shrewd, and aggressive Revolutionary War commander, helping secure the independence of our country from Great Britain.  Although born in rural Scotland, Jones was apprenticed at age 13 on a sailing ship that traded between the British Caribbean islands.  By 21, he was Master of large trading ships on the same routes.

On his way to his mastery of the sea, in 1764 at age 17 he shipped as Third Mate on a “blackbirder” slave trading ship between Africa and the “New World.”  For the next two years he moved rapidly ahead in assignments and by 1766 was Chief Mate on another slaver, the 30 ton brig, Two Friends.

After two years he lost his desire to be involved in the slave…

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