The Contrary Perspective

Russian SU-34 as provocation by Russia... or Turkey? Russian SU-34 as provocation by Russia… or Turkey?

b. traven

Istanbul (AFP) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday expressed alarm over reports of a build-up of Russian troops in northern Syria near the Turkish border, saying such movements would not be tolerated.

The devil is at work in our fumbling interventions in Syria-Iraq. Why is the Turkish Sunni president Erdogan so upset about the Russian “troops” in northern Syria?  It is a very intricate backstory of American interventionists getting in way over their heads.  In their efforts to solve one problem, they are creating a far greater one, bringing us to the brink of disaster.

Why is the State Department and the US military leadership so amateurish when dealing with these middle eastern countries?  Whereas they have centuries of bargaining experience, we bring only hubris to the table. They outfox us every time. That is why Iraq…

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