WASHINGTON — The Pentagon has asked the American Psychological Association to reconsider its ban on the involvement of psychologists in national security interrogations at the Guantánamo Bay prison and other facilities.


The Pentagon is trying to temper the American Psychological Association’s actions just as current and former military psychologists are disputing the findings of an independent investigation ordered by the association’s board that led to its ban.

The report, written by David H. Hoffman, a Chicago lawyer, and released in July, concluded that some of the nation’s most prominent psychologists had helped protect the C.I.A.’s harsh interrogation program, while some association officials worked with the Pentagon in 2005 to ensure that the group’s policies allowed psychologists to continue participating in military interrogations.

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5 thoughts on “Pentagon Wants Psychologists to End Ban on Interrogation Role

  1. Too late, we will never forget the role and participation of psychologists at Guantanamo Bay. Psychology should be taken out of the social sciences and relegated to electives, such as basket weaving and astrology.


    • While I understand that point of view, I must disagree. Psychology, although an inexact science, provides one of the few empirical means available to study the deep recesses of the human mind.

      The problem of Guantanamo had nothing to do with psychology, but had everything to do with the warmongering sociopaths in the U.S. government who took pleasure in torturing people under the thinly veiled guise of national security.

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