Russian President Vladimir Putin “probably” approved the assassination of ex-KGB agent turned dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London, a British inquiry has found.

In what many analysts saw as a sensational verdict, Judge Robert Owen said on Thursday that it was likely the Russian leader signed off the killing of the former spy in 2006 after a long-running feud.

Owen’s 300-page report said Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitri Kovtun were probably acting under the direction of Moscow’s FSB intelligence service, successor of the KGB, when they poisoned the 43-year-old with radioactive polonium 210 at London’s Millennium Hotel.

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9 thoughts on “UK judge: Putin probably approved Litvinenko killing

    • Where else can it go? Putin certainly wouldn’t surrender himself for trial in the U.K., and any international tribunal would be problematic at best. This bare-chested Russian oligarch lives above the law in virtually every respect.


        • Israel, under Netanyahu, has committed most egregious crimes including state-sponsored assassinations, and I suspect “Bibi” was involved in the 1995 assassination of Yitzhak Rabin which effectively terminated the Oslo peace accords. It is also my opinion that factions within the U.S. government were involved in the most infamous assassination of them all, the brutal public slaughter of JFK in 1963.

          I play no favorites. Putin is just the latest in a long line of dangerous megalomaniac leaders. The criminal acts of one cannot justify the criminal acts of another. Someday, humanity must realize this.


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