By David Akadjian

Recently, I got into a discussion with some conservatives about whether Paul Ryan was a Muslim-loving socialist RINO.

I love these types of discussions because it gives me the chance to ask questions like:

What does it take to be a real Republican these days?

Things then get weird because people haven’t really thought about it much. They just seem to know it when they see it. So I continue the conversation and then ask questions like, which of our presidents were libtards? You know, the term that some on the right love to throw around.

Here’s my (surprisingly long) list.

Continue reading:  43 U.S. presidents who would be considered ‘libtards’ today

Commentary by The Secular Jurist:  The linked list provides great comic relief as well as poignant satire on the right-wing extremist insanity that has infected 21st century America.


4 thoughts on “43 U.S. presidents who would be considered ‘libtards’ today

  1. Excellent. My derogatory word for conservatives is “conservacunts”. I’ve called one or two this. They didn’t like it. That made me feel all warm and bubbly inside. When’s the revolution? I’m ready right now.


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