By Dave Johnson

After a decades-long effort to place ideologically committed “movement” members in the judicial branch of government, funded by extremely wealthy individuals and their corporations, it looks like the resulting corporate/conservative wing of the Supreme Court is ready to make a ruling that would bankrupt public-employee unions. And clearly already-decimated private-sector unions will be the next target.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments Monday in the case of Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association. In this case the Court is asked to overturn a unanimous 1977 case that said public-employee unions can charge nonmembers a fee to cover the cost of the services the unions are required by law to provide those nonmembers. The fee does not cover political activities of the union, only the cost of services the unions must, by law, provide.

If the corporate/billionaire class gets its way – and it looks like it will – the terrible inequality you see in the country today is nothing compared to what’s coming. Having grabbed all the income gains since the recession, having wiped out the middle class, having pushed so much to the top that a few families now have more wealth than all of the rest of us combined, now the corporate/billionaire class is coming after the rest of the money in the economy.

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6 thoughts on “Supreme Court Appears Ready To Bankrupt Public-Employee Unions

  1. If the SCOTUS’s penchant for disregarding plain folk and the less-than-2% is a surprise to anyone, they just have not been paying any attention. Our is only a charade of a democracy. We have been, and will be for some time, an oligarchy. SCOTUS is just another of the oligarchy’s technocrat agencies.


  2. I’ve always thought that if a union member doesn’t like being a union member that he/she can find other work more to their liking. The plaintiff shopping process is disturbing. Shills with real consequences.


  3. I think your country maybe actually worse than ours in many ways. You could have a bigger budget, bigger military and so on, but we fair almost better in respect for trade unions though once in a while the courts meddle with devastating outcome for all involved


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