North Carolina Town Bans Solar Farm Because they fear it would Suck up all of the energy of the Sun

The stupid, it burns . . . . The worst of the lot? A former SCIENCE teacher that said she was afraid it would hurt nearby plants making them unable to photosynthesize . . . Woodland’s Planning Commission banned the solar farm on a 3-1 vote.  That’s right, 75% of the planning commission was either too afraid to tell their stupid residents the actual scientific truth, or they’re just as stupid as their residents.

Continue reading:  Woodland, NC bans solar farm out of fear it will steal sun’s energy . . . No, seriously!


11 thoughts on “Woodland, NC bans solar farm out of fear it will steal sun’s energy . . . No, seriously!

  1. Oh where to start — I truly do need some new cuss words! Guess if you believe there truly isn’t enough of anything good to go around, maybe this shit makes sense. Glad my kids aren’t getting their science education in the, er, sunny south. It’s sad and shameful even to allow such unimaginable ignorance to continue. Then again, some folks wil fight to the death to stay stupid! Thanks for your post, but damn it’s painful to watch this shit happening! – Linda.


  2. The solar farm would suck up the profits of the three who voted against it and hold investments, or have close friends with financial interests, in traditional energy companies in their region. Clearly, the “science” teacher became influenced in some manner to assert such rubbish. The writer doesn’t seem to have any desire to get to the real issues. An important story was turned into a humorous puff piece, carelessly under-reported in this instance.


    • Jerry, I’ve previously warned you about off-topic comments. Please don’t force me into taking further disciplinary action.

      Since you have no desire to prove your assertion that the three Woodland, North Carolina Planning Commission members had a financial incentive to ban the proposed solar farm in their community, then it must be considered as nothing more than wild speculation which lacks credibility.

      Your conspiratorial accusation against the Daily Kos is equally fanciful, and it warrants no additional consideration.


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