By Robert A. Vella

I really enjoy good comedic humor and satire.  I also love fiction, particularly science fiction which I write as well as read and watch.  And while the first of the following two items offered in this post certainly fits the label of humorous satire, the second is most definitely not fiction but exquisitely real – a formerly relevant and now marginalized right-wing extremist radio talk show host, climate change denier, and all-around jerk who has been caught acting to protect his very expensive property from the ravages of global warming.

From Daily KosCartoon: Hair Hitler:

 attribution: Matt Bors

From Daily KosRush Limbaugh cooperating with the Feds to protect his property from climate change beach erosion:


Rush Limbaugh’s property on the north end of Palm Beach is going to
be used to help a U.S. government effort to slow down beach erosion

Rush Limbaugh has a secret that he keeps from his feces throwing listeners. He is cooperating with the Obama administration in a government effort to combat climate change induced beach erosion on his ocean front property in Palm Beach, Florida.



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