By Robert A. Vella

After the Paris terrorist attacks, France was destined to turn right after today’s second round of elections.  The only question was how far right it would go.  Last week’s first round of elections suggested it would turn very far right as Marine Le Pen’s Front National won resoundingly.  But, as today’s election results started to come in, it appeared that Le Pen’s party was being shutout in favor of the more centrist – though still right-wing – The Republicans party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.  Apparently, many Socialist Party supporters of current President François Hollande voted tactically for The Republicans much like many liberal and progressive Canadians did recently in ousting conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Further reading:  French elections: seven regions for centre right, none for Front National


2 thoughts on “Tactical voting by Socialists appears to be saving France from a Far-Right takeover

  1. I really don’t agree with tactical voting just to stop a party you don’t agree with. Better not to vote if that is your intention.


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