1) I was standing against a wall in Penn Station (because ever since the attempted awakening of U.S. citizens by the Occupy Wall Street movement Penn Station bathrooms and waiting room are cleaned for 2 1/2 hours every night and no one is allowed to sit on the floor. This goes for customers with tickets as well as for the homeless and is eagerly enforced by NYPD). I saw two homeless men “horsing around” and, when they got a bit too enthusiastic, one of them slipped and smashed his head on the floor with a chilling sound that filled the concourse. The man was on the floor bleeding from the head for over an hour. Five members of NYPD witnessed this. Did they rush to help the injured man? No. They stood around harassing paying customers of LIRR, verbally abusing victims of a predatory social system and cracking cruel jokes…

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