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Here’s an update on the critically important climate talks in Paris (a.k.a. COP 21):

From The GuardianThe six key road blocks at the UN climate talks in Paris:

Negotiators at the UN climate talks in Paris are now nearing the end of a fortnight of searching for a global deal on climate change. The mood is upbeat but there are still significant disagreements over some key issues. They came out in the publication on Wednesday of the draft negotiating text.

These are the six key road blocks that negotiators will have to move or get around if a deal is to be done:

From YahooAmbition of Paris climate talks rises by half a degree:

PARIS (Reuters) – It would have been unthinkable just a few months ago, but a new global deal to combat climate change may set the world a much more ambitious target than expected, even if achieving that goal is far out of reach for now.

With the unexpected support of the United States and Europe, the agreement, due to be completed within days, could go beyond the current goal of limiting the rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius (3.6F) above pre-industrial levels.


Saudi Arabia last week blocked initial attempts to include references in the Paris deal to a U.N. report that recommended 1.5C as a target, arguing that reaching it could imperil food security because it would require massive planting of trees on farmland.


India, which has led demands for richer countries to take a bigger share of the load, offered conditional support for a 1.5C target if those developed nations accepted bigger emissions cuts.

The 2C target was always somewhat arbitrary as a threshold for preventing the worst effects of global warming in the form of rising sea levels and more severe and frequent storms, floods and droughts.

Average surface temperatures have already risen by 1C, and greenhouse gases already emitted and locked into the system are likely to push the rise past 1.5C within a few decades.

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