When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton was elected back in 2010, he had a Republican legislature and a state with billions in deficit. Yesterday, state officials announced that Minnesota’s budget surplus had reached $1.9 billion.


How did they do this? They basically did Democratic Party stuff like lifting taxes on the rich, raised the minimum wage, and passed a state law guaranteeing women equal pay. You know, stuff that Republicans usually say will end in a sky made out of fire with Jesus Christ riding on top of a horse, jousting with the ghost of Vladimir Lenin, while swinging a broad sword made out of fire. Well, at least, in the case of Minnesota, the Democratic Party has been able to prove that using your government for good, to help the majority of people, versus the wealthy minority of businesses can result in both rich and poor doing better.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats taxing rich & lowering unemployment in Minnesota has led to $1.9 bil budget surplus

    • That, my friend, is THE question everybody’s asking. The short answer is that economic populism – as reflected in these progressive policies embraced by Minnesota Democrats – has been largely rejected by the party’s leaders at the national level. The Obama/Clinton wing sold out to corporate interests beginning in the 1990s, and it would rather lose elections to Republicans than win on a progressive platform. Money trumps people, in other words. This is the main reason why the Democratic Party is so fractured and ineffective now.


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