The Brazilian government recently released the largest and most comprehensive report that has been done on the climate change impacts to their country. Despite the critical importance of the issues raised in the study entitled Scenarios and Alternatives for Adaption to Climate Change  (Monga Bay highlights the study in English here ), it “was published with surprising discretion at the end of October and might have passed unnoticed, had it not been for the watchful eyes of the OC (Observatório do Clima), a civil society network that promotes discussion on climate change”.

The report highlights the severe drought that has been torturing Brazil ( particularly impacted is the mega-city of Sao Paulo with it’s 11.8 million residents). It warns that staple agricultural crops currently under cultivation such as corn, rice and beans will suffer serious decline. Brazil will become hotter, and drier with regional differences, “the south receiving more rain while the Amazon and the north-east get considerably less, particularly in the summer”. Electrical output is threatened throughout Brazil.

Continue reading:  Climate Change wreaking havoc in Brazil. Women warned not to get pregnant. S Atlantic compromised.


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