A federal grand jury has indicted three Virginia men accused of plotting to shoot up or bomb synagogues and black churches.


Court records show that Robert C. Doyle, 34; Ronald Beasley Chaney II, 33; and Charles D. Halderman Jr., 30, are charged with a robbery conspiracy. The government claims the men conspired to rob an unnamed silver and coin dealer and use the money to stockpile weapons, buy land and train for a race war.

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3 thoughts on “Federal Grand Jury Indicts 3 in Alleged Race War Plot

  1. I can’t stop thinking about one thing: that they planned to buy a train.

    What was the thinking behind this? Were they studying railroad logistics during the Civil War? In that case, are they race war reenacters?

    And how do you buy a train? Do you simply call? “Hello, Georgia Southwestern Railroad. We would like to buy one of your trains. Yes, just deliver it to Richmond, right next to the crate filled with Confederate flags and the pile of Springfield muskets, right next to the boxes of silencers that don’t seem to fit onto Springfield muskets.”

    And how can they pay for a train by knocking off a coin store? “Yes, we can pay you in cash. We have quite a few rolls of quarters and dimes plus a lot of Indian-head nickels.”

    Are the Feds sure they weren’t just intending to buy the Pennsylvania Railroad because they already had the B&O, the Reading and the Short Line?

    I tried to find the answers in the Asatru sacred texts but can’t seem to find any. Are these possibly ones that Joseph Smith didn’t translate?


    • Good ole Joe… he who had a close encounter of the fifth kind, but who was murdered by his own humankind.

      Regarding white supremacists, they are most certainly a lot of different things, but being very intelligent is definitely not one of those things.

      I wonder if Joseph Smith ever met Thor?

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      • The Onion had a good line about the LDS’s decision to bar children of gay couples from baptism: “It’s surprising that a religion that was made up less than 200 years ago has such ancient prejudices.”

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