CHICAGO (AP) — A Burger King manager who accuses Chicago police of erasing surveillance video in the case of a black teenager shot last year by a white officer says he has testified before a federal grand jury investigating the shooting.


The Cook County state’s attorney this past week announced a state-level charge of first-degree murder against the officer.

[Laquan] McDonald was shot 16 times after being pursued by police responding to a complaint about car break-ins. [clarification added by TSJ]

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2 thoughts on “Burger King manager: Police erased video of Chicago shooting

  1. Lots of protesting here about this. Good thing this cop got charged. Now, let’s hope he’s convicted. Cops in these cases are like the Catholic Church when it comes to pedophile priests. Rather than simply expunging the corrupt priest/cop they cover it up, or try to, and allow the bullshit to get worse. This, to me, is the worse crime of all.


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