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The following message is re-posted from an email the blog author received via ColorOfChange.org. News of this tragic shooting of Black Lives Matters activists (who were protesting the horrific police killing of 24 year-old Jamar Clarkby 3-4 white supremacists comes just weeks after the FBI allegedly foiled a plot by two other white supremacists in Virginia who were planning to bomb multiple Black churches and Jewish synagogues.

BREAKING: Alleged white supremacists shot and critically injured 5 Black Lives Matter protesters demanding justice for Jamar Clark.


Tell President Obama to address white supremacist violence in Minneapolis and nationwide:


Dear Caleb,

Last night, five protesters sustained serious gunshot wounds after a group of alleged white supremacists opened fire on an encampment of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters in Minneapolis.1 It is being reported that for several nights white supremacists have shown up in bulletproof vests to threaten…

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6 thoughts on “White Supremacist Terrorists Lethally Attacked Black Lives Matter Protesters Demanding Justice

    • From Raw StoryFourth man arrested in connection with Black Lives Matter shootings in Minneapolis:

      Four men were being held on Wednesday by Minneapolis police as prosecutors weighed charges against them in connection with the shooting this week of five people protesting the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man.

      Allen Lawrence Scarsella, 23, Joseph Martin Backman, 27, Nathan Wayne Gustavsson, 21, and Daniel Thomas Macey, 26, have been arrested and will be held until Monday as the Hennepin County Attorney’s office investigates the incident and decides whether to file charges, officials said.

      Minneapolis police, who are working with the FBI, said they are not seeking any more suspects in the shooting of protesters who had been demonstrating against the fatal shooting on Nov. 15 of Jamar Clark, 24.

      Scarsella, Gustavsson and Backman are white, while Macey is Asian, police said. All four men are being held in the Hennepin County Jail without bail on suspicion of assault, according to online jail records.

      None of the five demonstrators wounded in Monday’s shooting received life-threatening injuries, police said.


      Masked men opened fire on demonstrators participating in that vigil on Monday, a Black Lives Matter Minneapolis official said. Attempts by Reuters to reach family members of the four men arrested in that case were not successful.

      Scarsella lives in St. Paul and grew up in Lakeville, Minnesota, according to his Facebook page, where his cover photo is the one-starred “Bonnie Blue” flag often associated with the Confederacy. One of his Facebook photo albums is titled “shooting” and shows someone holding a small pistol at a shooting range.

      Gustavsson lives in Hermantown, Minnesota, and is from Hibbing, Minnesota, according to a Facebook page that became inaccessible on Wednesday afternoon. The page included a profile picture of him wearing a camouflage jacket and holding a rifle.


      VIDEO: Last night 2 white supremacists, one carrying a pistol, showed up to our peaceful protest at the 4th precinct.After community members on livestream started questioning them they left without incident, then we later found a video of them en route to the protest brandishing a pistol and making comments including “stay white” and justifying the killing of Jamar Clark.It has come to our attention that members of this group plan on returning tonight to our candlelight vigil at 4:30, some may come armed. [See: http://pastebin.com/FkA1B2rq%5DThey say they will be wearing the “4 of clubs” to identify one another, so watch for this badge or patch on their clothing.In the era of white supremacist terrorism against people of color across the U.S., we refuse to be intimidated by hate groups. We call on our supporters to join us tonight to continue to demand #Justice4Jamar and an end to violence against our community, whether by white supremacist citizens, or white supremacist Police like MPD union president Bob Kroll.

      Posted by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis on Friday, November 20, 2015


        • It’s definitely escalating now, and there’s widespread public agreement that it is escalating. I grew up in the violent 1960s when Vietnam War protests and Civil Rights clashes nearly tore America apart from within. Even though the violence today hasn’t yet reached that level of severity, the racial turmoil brewing now might be fundamentally worse. Back then, black people had a powerful ally in many young white liberals who were willing to take a stand against racism. Today, young white people don’t want to get involved. Alone and hopeless, American blacks will eventually resort to desperate and more drastic measures.


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