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The blatant bigotry which has come to the forefront in American politics since the terrorist attacks in Paris a little over a week ago is nothing short of appalling. The efforts of those at the state and congressional levels to take political advantage of the predictable and understandable fear that such attacks can and do have on many people in this and other nations by scapegoating millions of innocent people who are themselves among those most victimized by the sort of violence typified by such attacks on the basis of their religion and/or country of origin is reprehensible.

That a group of candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the next Presidential election notorious for their outlandish political stances on everything from immigration to waging war both at home (on LGBT people, women, the poor and disadvantage) and abroad (the entire Middle East, to include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and…

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One thought on “Denying Access for Refugees to the US Based on Religion Is Wrong

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