Feeling their oats after ousting former House Speaker John Boehner, the House Freedom Caucus maniacs are formalizing their policy vision and calling it, for now, a “Contract with America II.” They’re also demanding that it get quick action from new Speaker Paul Ryan. And yes, it is as destructive as you would imagine.

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5 thoughts on “House Freedom Caucus formalizes dystopian vision for America in ‘Contract with America II’

  1. I like the concept of eliminating “20%” of federal regulations. Its so numerical that it just screams precision. I wonder, however, how they are going to monitor it. Will they simply be happy with eliminating 1/5 of the “sections” in the Code of Federal Regulations (even if many of those are just definitions or cross-references to other section)? Or is there a better metric. For instance: If the federal regulations in total are determined to save, say, 100,000 lives a year, they will seek to eliminate the regulations that save a total of 20,000 lives. This could be tricky business, so they better put someone serious in charge, like Louie Gohmert or Steve King.


    • Sure, Gohmert and King are serious alright… seriously out of their effing minds.

      If they were able to eliminate regulations which save 20,000 lives, 200,000 lives, or 2,000,000 lives, they would be as happy as a fat pig in slop… provided that those lives which aren’t saved were black, Hispanic, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Mediterranean, or other ethnic/religious minority.


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