By Robert A. Vella

This weekend, C-SPAN aired a commendable examination of declining civic participation among the Millennial generation primarily in western nations having established democracies.  As asserted many times on this blog, democracy is unsustainable without vibrant engagement by the general population, and only two outcomes are possible should democracy fail – some form of authoritarian rule or societal anarchy.

The event was hosted by the Center for American Progress, and it includes panelists from the U.K., Canada, and Italy.  The first half of the 85 minute video provides analytical research on Millennial perspectives regarding politics and activism, while the second half is a discussion period highlighting the panelists.

One of the central issues addressed is the incongruity between Millennials’ understanding of the relevance of politics juxtaposed with their repulsion by the nature of politics.  In other words, Millennials acknowledge that their lives are being significantly impacted by political actions, but refuse to participate because it is so corrupt.  They seem to be saying that political systems need to reform in order to garner their support despite the fact that such reforms won’t be possible without their support.  It’s a rather baffling psychological exercise in self-defeatism.

Watch the video:  Global Youth Civic Engagement


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