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W.J. Astore

It’s Halloween, America, which perhaps explains the gruesome results of the latest Republican presidential debate.  I watched a sliver of them (terrifying!), and read as much as I could stand of the debate transcript (horrifying!).  As usual, the Republicans want you to be afraid, very afraid, of the bogeyman.  With respect to the economy, the bogeyman is variously described as a socialist, a Bolshevik, even a Menshevik (!), someone who favors big government to make all of your decisions on health care, education, and what not.

The Republican solution?  Trust the free market!  Empower the makers by cutting their taxes.  Vilify the moochers and takers while starving them of their entitlement candy.  Something like this cartoon, perhaps:


Long ago, George H.W. Bush described Reagan’s “supply side” tax plan as “voodoo economics.”  That’s the idea you can cut taxes on the richest and most privileged Americans, thereby…

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